Advancing many industries


We have given a lot of thought to maximizing value creation for both steel structure manufacturers and end-users in their own areas. One of the key factors that gives our cutting-edge beam solution superiority is large strength capacity against horizontal vibration caused by for example wind or high speed of trains: Transporting goods and passengers can be provided faster, safer and more economic way. These innovative welded beams have many advantages compared to conventional rails that are built on embankments. When changing and renewing existing railways, these beams serve as a cost-saving possibility to be placed inside embankments to give extra strength for railways.

Another key factor is HSD-beam’s structure that allows having long spans. This makes a great cost-effective and flexible solution for construction of modern railways or bridges especially on weak soils. Then again, when building steel structures such as skyscrapers in earthquake-prone areas where seismic waves are a great risk, this new type of beam offers the best risk-reduction mechanism to find the best suitable superstructure using HSD-beam’s dynamic capability. The strong superstructure makes also possible to use only one beam for wagon underframes instead of three or four standard beams, allowing greater load capacity for wagons.

Inspired by the possibility to take part in producing more renewable energy, we have also entered wind energy segment. By using our innovative beam structure and Welding Line’s manufacturing technology, higher energy capacity can be produced at higher altitudes without resonance or bending of tower occurring. The new beam structure offers windmill manufacturers the capability to build more substantial towers for holding wind turbines in a stable position. HSD-beam solution is especially suitable for onshore windmills where higher altitudes are required to catch the most desirable wind speed.

Automatic energy control system

To make sure the best quality for steel structures will be provided, we have developed a whole new way to control manufacturing process of beams. SCI Welding Line’s manufacturing process includes a unique automatic energy control system that is one of the results of many years of research and development work. This new invent gives a unique competitive advantage for manufacturers when they can provide the best quality beams in the market. Shipbuilders that use our double T-beam manufacturing method can highly benefit by using this energy control system, giving them more cost-savings: Torsion of beams will not be appearing that makes manufacturing process more faster and effective.

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