Who we are and what we do



Steel-Invest Group is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of innovative beams and beam manufacturing systems in the steel industry. Our worldwide success is based on the exciting new combination of technological excellence, manufacturing economy and design of all our welding systems and beams.

We provide revolutionary industrial solutions for railways, bridges, buildings, wind energy, railway wagons, and shipyards: Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide the most strongest and therefore safest steel constructions for the world.


Solid and strong history of steel construction

Steel-Invest Group consists of two companies: Steel-Invest Oy Ltd and subsidiary H-Steel Oy Ltd. Both companies are exciting combinations of inventive technology in the steel industry.

Steel-Invest was established in 1984 and today our products have been recognized throughout the world for their high quality and innovative design. Steel-Invest manufactures automatic SCI Welding Lines that uses modern IPR manufacturing technology. Our product range covers all equipment needed by a welded beam manufacturer: Support conveyors, welding machines, turnover equipment, transfer conveyors and flange alignment stations. We here at Steel-Invest always look after our clients and aim to provide also the best after-sales service for you.

H-Steel was established in 1974 and has a long and solid history of manufacturing welded beams. H-Steel specializes in supplying steel for road and railway bridges, railway wagon underframes, rails for industrial cranes, business and industrial buildings as well as offshore beam constructions. We offer both equipment supply and complete turnkey service including plant and facilities.

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